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MH370: Families still not ready to accept compensation

Business News - Fri, 07/31/2015 - 12:26pm
Could this be the key to unlocking the MH370 mystery?

Russia cuts rates again to prevent deeper slump

Business News - Fri, 07/31/2015 - 11:54am
Read full story for latest details.

Undocumented man charged in killing

CNN - Fri, 07/31/2015 - 11:53am
For the second time in under a month, an undocumented immigrant has been accused of murdering someone after authorities became aware of their status but did not detain or deport them.
Categories: National News

SoulCycle files for IPO, wants to change your life

Business News - Fri, 07/31/2015 - 11:47am
Spinning requires a lot of sweat, and apparently a lot of equity.

The mysteries of the $10 redesign

Business News - Fri, 07/31/2015 - 11:47am
We know there's going to be a woman on the redesigned $10 bill -- but beyond that there are very few concrete facts about the update.

Parents break into daycare with infant locked inside

Health - Fri, 07/31/2015 - 11:42am
Parents break through a window of a Houston, Texas daycare after they find their infant son locked inside and alone.
Categories: Health

This company will mint money thanks to Star Wars

Business News - Fri, 07/31/2015 - 11:23am
Video game maker Electronic Arts is on an epic hot streak. And it's probably going to continue now that the Force is about to awaken.

Congressional Black Caucus to talk diversity with Silicon Valley leaders

Business News - Fri, 07/31/2015 - 10:57am
Read full story for latest details.

White House: Let's educate inmates

Business News - Fri, 07/31/2015 - 10:57am
Everyone deserves a second chance. Inmates, too.

Why Mozilla calls this Windows 10 feature 'very disturbing'

Business News - Fri, 07/31/2015 - 10:54am
Read full story for latest details.

Lufthansa crash families outraged by compensation offer

Business News - Fri, 07/31/2015 - 10:50am
Read full story for latest details.

Uber invests $1 billion in Indian market

Business News - Fri, 07/31/2015 - 10:49am
Uber is bullish on the Indian market: The company said it plans to pour $1 billion into its India operations over the next nine months.

Not Seeing a Chiropractor Could Cost You

Lifestyles - Fri, 07/31/2015 - 10:38am
Five words or less

(NewsUSA) - Didn't consult a chiropractor first for your back pain? That'll cost you $1.3 billion.

No, you personally won't be on the hook for the entire amount. But in analyzing two year's worth of its own insurance data, the health care giant Optum projected that's how much money healthcare consumers would've saved had patients who'd experienced 14.7 million reported non-surgical spinal episodes received chiropractic care at the outset.

Optum's definition of "at the outset" is "within the first 10 days" of a spinal episode. Taking advantage of that window, it found, drastically reduces the need for everything from costly surgery to injections to prescription medications -- a conclusion certain to fuel the growing "chiropractic first" movement espoused by many health experts.

And it's not just about the money.

"The quality of back pain treatment" would likewise be "improved," Optum has contended, if doctors of chiropractic -- who already perform more than 94 percent of all spinal manipulations in the U.S. -- were consulted first by patients.

"Chiropractic care advances the opportunity for optimal outcomes across care delivery, quality and cost," said the not-for-profit Foundation for Chiropractic Progress' Gerard Clum, DC, who also pointed to a recent study in the journal "Spine" that found that patients suffering from lower back pain who first visited a chiropractor, versus a surgeon, were more than 40 percent less likely to go under the knife.

Coincidentally, 40 percent is also what the Foundation pegs the per-episode savings at when chiropractic care precedes medical or surgical interventions.

For more info or to find a chiropractor in your area, visit

Steampunk Steamrolls Into Living Rooms Nationwide

Lifestyles - Fri, 07/31/2015 - 10:36am
Five words or less

(NewsUSA) - There is a movement afoot that is taking fashion and design to a new level. It's a retro-futuristic style blending science fiction with a 19th century Victorian era aesthetic, and it's called Steampunk. This eye-catching look is popping up everywhere: in theaters, movies, music and red-carpet fashion.

To understand how this unusual form of expression has steamrolled through the art, fashion and literary worlds, one must look back before looking forward. Steampunk can trace its roots back to the 19th century works of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne as they imagined the future during the Industrial Age, with its brass and wood creations, powered only by steam. Although many science fiction stories written in the 20th century have been set in the Victorian period, the term "steampunk" is believed to be first used in the late 1980s, when author K. W. Jeter used it to describe stories set in the Victorian period written during that time when near-future cyberpunk was the prevailing form of science fiction. Evidence of the continuing popularity of the steampunk look and feel can be traced in feature films, from 1927's "Metropolis" to this year's "Mad Max: Fury Road."

The appeal of steampunk is oft-times a love of the Victorian period, while others enjoy steampunk's unique approach to technology: re-imagining modern capabilities with 19th century machines. Jeannie Mai, host of GSN's new "Steampunk'd" reality competition TV series explains, "Steampunk is a culture. It's not just fashion. It's a lifestyle, like punk rock. Punk rock is music, but it's also a look and a style."

GSN is hoping to capitalize on the growing trend with the debut of its new series. "Steampunk'd" features 10 contestants in a litany of pressure-filled challenges designed to test their abilities to transform ordinary objects and fashion into steampunk masterpieces. As each project is completed, the contestants (or Makers) will unveil their work for the judges,including leading authority on Steampunk Thomas Willeford. Other judges include writer/director Matt King and Kate "Kato" Lambert, founder of the world's first steampunk clothing company, Steampunk Couture.

Each week, one of the 10 Makers will be eliminated until only one is left standing to take home the $100,000 grand prize. The series debuts on Aug. 19 at 10 p.m. ET/9 pm Central on GSN. For more information, you can visit

Memories tied to a night's rest

Health - Fri, 07/31/2015 - 10:31am
Categories: Health

The high cost of being transgender

Health - Fri, 07/31/2015 - 10:31am
Categories: Health

MH370: If debris is part of missing plane, what's next?

CNN World - Fri, 07/31/2015 - 10:14am
If confirmed to be from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, could a small portion of plane wing discovered on an Indian Ocean island be the clue investigators need to unlock one of aviation's biggest mysteries?
Categories: International News
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