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DEWY HARRISON: Beware the security v. freedom debate

August 23, 2013, that’s not the National Snooping Agency staffed by President Obama’s Chicago-way advisers. The National Security Agency is an organization within the Department of Defense which collects and analyzes data on foreign and counter intelligence.
Following World War II (1949), the Armed Forces Security Agency was formed to collect and analyze intelligence data, but AFSA’s failure to share and communicate data with the CIA, FBI and State Department led to its centralized reorganization as the NSA in 1952 under President Harry Truman,

BILL SAMPSON: Interesting people

August 20, 2013

I was sitting on my porch enjoying the wonderful weather we have been having. My second cup of coffee was particularly good that morning. I was thinking about people. I mean, those people you see when you are out and about.
Some people you come in contact with you remember for quite some time. On the other hand, there are those people who stand out like a white wall and you cannot seem to recall them at all.

DEWEY HARRISON: Who is Ben Carson

August 16, 2013

Ben Carson came to town [Ft. Smith, Ark.] last Friday. Some of you are probably asking, “who the heck is Ben Carson?” Ben Carson, a man who could have been trapped by his environment, believes passionately in the promise of America and the American dream. He was here to tell his story.
Growing up in a single parent home, Carson experienced poverty, poor grades, temper issues and low self esteem. However, Carson had a dream of becoming a physician and his mother, who had only a third-grade education, challenged and required her sons to strive for excellence.

JAMES LOCKHART: Traveling quilt makes veteran history

August 16, 2013

The Ladies Auxiliary in Spiro made a quilt a few years ago.  It was raffled off and Keith May of Spiro won the quilt. 
At first, May put the quilt in a box under his bed, but after a while he got to thinking the quilt should be sent overseas to the troops. 
After some phone calls the quilt was sent overseas where it was passed from soldier to soldier. When one soldier’s tour of duty ended, it was given to another. 
Sunday, the quilt was returned home to Spiro. The stories that were shared by those who used it are stories I will never forget. The soldiers even named the quilt “Stars.”

BILL SAMPSON: I'm confused

August 13, 2013

I was sitting on my front porch the other day, having my third cup of coffee and marveling at the terrific weather we have been having lately. Looking out over my yard, I am amazed at how lush and green it is, and this is the beginning of August for heaven’s sake!
I believe I had mentioned in an earlier article we had gotten eight inches of rain in the month of July and we have started August with almost an inch already. I can’t really say when we last had such nice weather this time of year. Needless to say, I’ll take all of this weather we can get.

R. DARRELL WEAVER: Prescription drug abuse; untangling the harm

August 13, 2013

Prescription drug issues have recently become a plight that has garnered much concern and it is largely due to the steady and unacceptable rise of overdose deaths from prescription drugs. Both illicit and legal drugs must be examined by four major factors that influence their dynamics:
• The availability of the drugs
• The pricing of the substances
• Risk adversity
• Public acceptance
Based on these criteria, there is no mystery why prescription drug abuse is a troubling challenge, especially when it comes to the unused and unwanted drugs in our cabinets.

STEPHEN FRUEN: Time for school

August 5, 2013

Just a friendly reminder that it is back to school time. I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of our obligation to the safety of our children, faculty, and motorists traveling to and from school during this busy time of year. The Poteau Police Department needs drivers and pedestrians to be extra careful as the new school year starts. We are asking students to exercise caution when walking to and from school. The police department will have a special emphasis around each of the schools to help with traffic congestion, to slow down drivers and increase safety.

KODEY TONEY: Quality control

July 31, 2013

When I’m looking for topics to write about for my column each week I have gained ideas from several different areas. Songs, Facebook posts, and everyday stories have been sources for ideas lately, but this week I found one in a classic book. I was reading David Copperfield by Charles Dickens when I came upon a passage that I found very inspirational in a slightly different way.

DEWEY HARRISON: The road to tyranny

July 30, 2013

Eric Blair, born in 1903 in India, was the son of a middle-class English diplomat.
Upon his return to England as a child, Eric witnessed class warfare directed at him from upper-class students at the prep school which he attended. Nonetheless, the teasing and snobbery he experienced during his school years did not deter him in his pursuit of a quality education. Blair would later be accepted at the esteemed Eton in England, but would attend only for a short period of time.

CAROLE GILL: End of summer events

July 30, 2013

This is our last week for children’s and teen summer activities, so we want to give you invitations to these events first, then we’ll share what could be profitable reading for older children and tweens during these last days of summer vacation.
Today will be our last pre-school and early childhood summer story time at 11 a.m. We had dinosaur stories and songs last time and that was such a hit, we’ll repeat that subject with our “Dig Into Reading” theme programing again this week.

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