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ROBERT SHEARON: Politicians acting suspicious may mean something else is up!

June 24, 2013

My brother called me the other day to talk about the NSA spying program leaked by Edward Snowden.
He said he has been fascinated by the response of politicians, particularly of their language regarding the incident, and the frequent use of the word treason in describing Snowden’s actions. It’s an extreme word used to elicit an emotional response.
The hyperventilating seems to span party lines.
My brother told me his impression is that these politicians are running scared, but he wasn’t sure of what.

KIM ROSS - May no longer be under the radar

June 20, 2013

The strangest thing happened to me this week. A series of events that I am sure are completely unrelated and coincidental but none the less, strange enough to make a person take pause. Now I am not a big conspiracy theorist, but I have my fair share of thoughts on the capabilities of intelligence agencies and their ability to gather information in a Casper the ghost type fashion. The technology is vast and abundant and we have given the powers that be the ability to track our every move since the inception of the internet and the creation of wireless web.

ROBERT SHEARON: Brother hits the big 6-0

June 12, 2013

My big brother, Ben, turns 60 this week. Seems hardly possible.
I still remember him as the athletic, devil-may-care teenager I always idolized.
We always were a kind of Mutt and Jeff combination. He bordered on being lanky, and I always was on the stubby side.
While I always was very concerned with following the rules, my brother generally would invite trouble in for dinner.
There was a great disparity in our athletic abilities. This was particularly evident on the baseball field.

KIM ROSS: Stepping back in time

June 10, 2013

Friday and Saturday I found myself on familiar territory when I visited the flood ravaged communities of Stapp Zoe, Haw Creek and Hontubby. I grew up in Zoe (as most people call it) and the area damaged from raging waters is my old stomping grounds. While I was there, I began to remember how different life down south is compared to living in Poteau.

Gov. Mary Fallin: Oklahoma Strong: Unbroken in the Wake of Tragedy

June 6, 2013

May was a difficult, heart wrenching month for the state of Oklahoma.  The lives of at least 40 men, women and children were cut short by tornadoes that ripped through towns and cities. Hundreds were injured, some severely. Almost 4,000 homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed.
In the wake of these terrible storms, we saw suffering and loss.  But we also saw something else: an Oklahoma Spirit that would not be broken and would not be defeated.

KIM ROSS: Ugly rears its head!

May 29, 2013

In the wake of the Moore tragedy, it shames me to say that the lowest form of human in our society has reared its ugly head. Immediately after the tornado devastated Moore, alerts for scam artist were being pummeled through the media. They were full of safety precautions, warnings and ways to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate donation site. And if that isn’t bad enough, people are being arrested for looting through the devastated homes in hopes of financial or material gain.

SEN. MARK ALLEN: The history of Senate Bill 71

May 27, 2013

We’ve received some constituent calls with questions about Senate Bill 71. The legislation was authored by myself and coauthored by Rep. John Bennett and would have allowed storage building manufacturers to move products to sales sites or customers for the price of one annual permit, rather than individual permits for individual loads.
Out of 1,369 Senate bill requests, Senate Bill 71 was first known as bill request number 7, so you can see that we filed very early. The bill was introduced on Jan. 3, 2013 when it was given the number of Senate Bill 71.

KIM ROSS: When the music's over

May 24, 2013

An iconic keyboardist who made a large impact during the music movement of the ‘60s has passed away. Co-founder of The Doors, Ray Manzarek, died Monday at age 74, after a long battle with cancer.
Granted, the dark philosophical music by the quartet of Manzarek, lead singer Jim Morrison, guitarist Robbie Kreiger and drummer John Densmore may not be on the top 10 list of many of my readers, they are one of my favorite bands, topped only by Janis Joplin.

KIM ROSS: Filling big shoes

May 21, 2013

For almost three years I have worked at the Poteau Daily News as a reporter, running here and there gathering stories. In that short time I have worked for two editors who have in their own way taught me many things about the world of news. Both had their own outlook on how things should occur and each had valuable lessons to teach. To both of them, I say thank you for the education I received under your tutelage.
Monday marked my first day as editor at PDN and a new era in my life.

DOUGHERTY: Futbol sovereignty, dusting off Mullin's hands.

May 16, 2013

First, congratulations to the Poteau Pirates for their dramatic double overtime win in the Class 4A soccer state championship match.
They showed determination and tenacity in regulation and then maintained their poise until the time was right with 6:44 left in the second overtime period and Ashby Clark emerged from the chaos in front of the Oklahoma City Santa Fe South net and popped the ball past the Saints keeper for the sudden state-title winning goal.

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