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GLEN MOLLETTE: Illegal immigration, how many will the boat hold?

July 9, 2014

Two thousand two hundred and twenty-three people desperately tried to escape from the sinking Titanic. One thousand five hundred and seventeen perished, as they could not escape. Most of them could not escape because there were not enough lifeboats. There were boats for only eleven hundred and seventy-eight people. Sadly, the ship was not properly equipped with enough lifeboats.

GLEN MOLLETTE: Celebrating the Fourth, who will keep America going?

June 26, 2014

We live in an interconnected world. Energy, cars, televisions, clothes and much more are traded among the countries. There are positives with global trade. If we can't get a good price at home then we can shop elsewhere. Shopping is as easy today as clicking on a computer webpage.

GLEN MOLLETTE: Iraq again, hell never ends

June 19, 2014

Iraq - now we know where hell is. Hell is supposed to be a place of torment reserved for some people after death. Unfortunately, too many have ended up there before they died. Is there no end to the turmoil in Iraq and Afghanistan? We will never see peace and quiet in either of these two countries. Hell never ends.


June 11, 2014

How many children, old people, and law-abiding citizens have to be injured, terrorized or killed before we call a halt to the growing rash of police violence that is wracking the country? How many family pets have to be gunned down in cold blood by marauding SWAT teams before we declare such tactics off limits? And how many communities have to be transformed into military outposts, complete with heavily armed police, military tanks, and “safety” checkpoints before we draw that line in the sand that says “not in our town”?

DAVID L. HUDSON JR: Much to-do about history for divided high court

June 9, 2014

The U.S. Supreme Court remains deeply divided over the meaning of the first 10 words of the First Amendment — “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

JANET SHORT: Welcome to the 'hood

May 30, 2014

When we moved across town into a plush new neighborhood, the 15-minute drive across our big city felt like entering another world. It felt as foreign as when I moved to DFW from Poteau four years back.

We have a new a post office, barber, dry cleaner, grocer, dentist and veterinarian, plus about 15 restaurants to explore.

If our old house was nice, this one is fabulous. It has a fireplace, tile floors and an alarm system! Is this swank or what? We even have a pond with Japanese goldfish in it.

CAROLE GILL: What's up at the library

May 27, 2014

We can feel the excitement building at Patrick Lynch Public Library as the school year ends and summer programs and promotions begin here.  

Tuesday, May 27, we will begin enrolling children up to those entering sixth grade in our Summer Reading Challenge.  Reading incentives will be given for books read from our library collection for which a record is kept.  Students will receive materials needed at the time of enrollment.  The enrollment will be open and available at any time through the summer. 

GARY S. SMITH: America’s civil religion: Presidents and Memorial Day

May 19, 2014

Throughout American history presidents have often used religious rhetoric for various reasons: to provide comfort and consolation, argue that God providentially directs our nation, celebrate our Christian heritage, defend democracy, hold citizens and the country accountable to transcendent standards, help accomplish their own political aims, justify America’s actions, foster traditional morality and justice, promote prayer and Bible reading, call for national and individual repentance, unite Americans, and satisfy citizens’ expectations.


May 17, 2014

Don't be alarmed by my headline. I'm still here, and, of course, I may have made a lot of Roy Orbison fans happy by mentioning one of his many hits.
What I meant is that my 2013-14 LeFlore County high school and college athletic season is now over. It officially ended at about 9 p.m. Thursday when the Spiro Bulldogs baseball team lost in the Class 3A State Tournament quarterfinals at Edmond Memorial High School.
Now, it's essentially three months of ease, but don't fear folks. There's still enough local events happening to keep local content in the sports section.

GLENN MOLLETTE: Speech is not so free in America

May 15, 2014

Have we lost free speech in America?
Our First Amendment right for all Americans is free speech.
Protesters, journalists Civil-rights advocates, street preachers and all Americans
have enjoyed the right of free speech.

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