Allegations made in Jody Rilee-Wilson mystery

Jody Rilee-Wilson
Jenny Huggins
News Reporter

The cold case of Jody Rilee-Wilson's death in May of 2009 is heating up based on new information provided to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation by her father-in-law, Jerry Don Wilson Sr.

According to search warrants obtained from the LeFlore County Court Clerk's Office, Jerry Wilson told OSBI Agent Shawn Ward on May 2 that in May 2009 his son, Donald Lee Bocephus "Bo" Wilson, Jody Wilson's husband, had come to his house and said, "They had to go get rid of the body."

The search warrants filed on Aug. 18 are for DNA samples from Bo Wilson and his mother, Edith Kathryn Wilson, aka Kathy Wilson.

According to Jerry Wilson, once Bo Wilson made the announcement at Jerry and Kathy Wilson's home, his wife, Kathy Wilson, came into the room and said that she was going to "help get rid of the body." Jerry Wilson said that shortly after, Both Bo Wilson and his mother, Kathy Wilson, left. He said Kathy Wilson came back to the house later and told him that they needed to go.

The family was planning to go to a funeral in New Mexico, according to reports filed at the time of the alleged murder. Jerry Wilson allegedly told Ward he asked Kathy Wilson if Jody Wilson was going to be going with them and she said no, she was staying in Oklahoma. They did however take her infant with them. Bo Wilson allegedly told Jerry Wilson that "he would see him up the road."

According to the search warrant, Jerry and Kathy Wilson reportedly got in their vehicle and drove west. Jerry Wilson told authorities that Kathy Wilson asked him to pull into the Pig Out Palace in Henryetta so she could get a Coke. Jerry Wilson said he pulled in and went inside to buy the drinks.

When he returned, he said his son, Bo Wilson, was standing outside. He said asked where Bo had come from and he was told that he just got there. Jerry Wilson said Bo WIlson got into Jerry and Kathy Wilson's vehicle and they traveled again toward New Mexico.

According to the original reports, the Pig Out Palace Jerry Wilson referred to is where Rilee-Wilson's car was discovered a month after her body was found.

Jerry Wilson said they stayed in New Mexico for a few days and shortly after returning, he learned that Rilee-Wilson's body had been recovered near Heavener by a para-glider. It was then, according to the warrant, that he believed the body that he had heard Bo and Kathy Wilson referring to was Rilee-Wilson's.

Jerry Wilson said approximately a month later, Bo Wilson told him he used a plastic bag or a piece of plastic to put over Jody's face to smother her to death.

According to original reports, the cause of death was undetermined due to decomposition

The OSBI has requested DNA from Kathy and Bo Wilson to compare to the DNA found on Rilee-Wilson's body and in her abandoned vehicle to determine whether or not either of them were involved in the death of Rilee-Wilson.

Abbott Koloff, reporter with The Record of North Jersey, said the paper is reviving interest in the case. He has published an in-depth report outlining his findings. The series details her life and eventual death, and is available online at