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CASC welcomes students back to dorms

August 17, 2011

Students planning to live in one of the dorms at Carl Albert State College checked in on Tuesday. CASC has several housing options for students who are scheduled to start classes today for the Fall semester.

Today is the first day of classes at Carl
Albert State College and yesterday students
received their dorm assignments.
The housing facilities at CASC are able
to provide approximately 300 students
with on-site dormitory housing. This provides
students with a unique academic and
social environment of on-campus living
through the Scholars Center, Residential
Program Housing, and Athletic Housing.
CASC also currently has a waiting list for
students wishing to reside in the dorms.
CASC seeks to provide a comfortable and
friendly environment, to enable students
to achieve personal and educational
growth in a convenient and safe setting.
Residential students are a vital part of the
CASC community and are in a unique
position to be involved in the college’s
activities and organizations and also to
take advantage of the on-campus facilities.
Each dorm room includes a 12 foot by
12 foot bedroom and study area, an 8 foot
by 8 foot bathroom featuring two vanity
sinks, a 4 by 8 foot walk-in closet, and
free internet service. The dormitories are
located within easy walking distance to all
classes, the cafeteria, bookstore, library,
laundromat, gym, computer lab, student
lounge, as well as Twyman Park and the
adjacent tennis courts.
For additional information regarding
residential housing, please contact the
CASC Office of Student Affairs.


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