Cellphone scam hits the area

Area residents beware, the simple action of returning a missed phone call could cost you a lot of money. In what is being dubbed a "ring and run" scam, callers could be charged fees in excess of $30 just for returning the missed call. According to the Oklahoma Bankers Association, the calls are coming from foreign countries and the scammers hang up after the first ring to your cell phone. Their goal — to get you to call back, which results in an international call fee and charges of $9 per minute or more Information released by the Better Business Bureau in Cleveland, Ohio, says when the area code is 473, it appears the call is domestic but it is not. Actually it is an international call connected to a paid international adult entertainment service, "chat" line or other premium service — hence the high fees.According to OBA, area code 473 is connected to Grenada. Other area codes consumers should be aware of in conjunction to this scam are:• 268 — Antigua or Barbuda• 809 — Dominican Republic• 876 — Jamaica• 284 — British Virgin Islands• 473 — Grenada• 649 — Turks and Caicos