Don't be alarmed by my headline. I'm still here, and, of course, I may have made a lot of Roy Orbison fans happy by mentioning one of his many hits.What I meant is that my 2013-14 LeFlore County high school and college athletic season is now over. It officially ended at about 9 p.m. Thursday when the Spiro Bulldogs baseball team lost in the Class 3A State Tournament quarterfinals at Edmond Memorial High School.Now, it's essentially three months of ease, but don't fear folks. There's still enough local events happening to keep local content in the sports section.There will be camps of all kinds, football, golf, basketball, softball and baseball camps, to lend themselves for local photographs. In June, there will be summer hoops weekly for the local boys and girls basketball teams as well as the Panama Summer Softball League — the softball equivalent to the summer hoops for the queens of the diamond — for photo opportunities. There will also be local golf tournaments at which to get photos.There's just enough going on to keep local contest flowing, but enough time to allow me to get away for a while and catch my breath until it all begins once more in August.Have a happy summer!