Did I stump you?

My questions I ask you in my last column were difficult.Here are the answers — to most of them that is.1. Troy Aikman was the only Big 8 quarterback to win a national championship and a Super Bowl championship.2. Nate Hybl won a national championship in football at OU, but he also won a championship in golf at Georgia.3. Jim Thorpe was the first player to score a touchdown and hit a home run in the same weekend.4. Jim Brown, a Syracuse Orangeman, is considered one of the best running backs of all times, but he is also considered the best lacrosse player ever.5. I asked you to name the only player two win a world championships in two sports. I forgot about Walter Ray Williams, who was the world's champion in bowling and horseshoe pitching — really. The person I was asking about won a championship in the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball. It is not Danny Ainge, Deion Sanders, Bo Jackson, Jim Thorpe or Michael Jordan. This pitcher played with Hank Aaron on the Braves. So, I'm going to give you all a little more time to ponder the answer.