Drama in Pocola

Conflicting items on the agenda for tonight's Pocola Board of Trustee's meeting should make for a lively event if nothing else. There is an item on the agenda to possibly terminate the employment of Police Chief Dale Fout and another employee named Liz Oden. Further down the agenda is an item to give several employees named a raise. Fout and Oden are also specifically listed under those items. Clearly the items were placed on the agenda by different members of the board, and the meeting itself should make for an interesting one. PDN will have a representative there and will update you on this story as details arise. Below is a copy of the agenda for the Board of Trustees meeting as well as the Municipal Authority. THE POCOLA MUNICIPAL AUfHORITY AGENDA‚Ä® TUESDAY NOVEMBER 8, 2011 6:30P.M. POCOLA TOWN HALL 204 SOUIH POCOLA BLVD CALL :MEETING TO ORDER. ROLL CALL. DISCUSS AND POSSIBLY VOTE TO APPROVE l\fiNUTES FROM OCTOBER lIt 2011. DISCUSS AND POSSffiLY VOTE TO APPROVE ACCOUNTS PAYABLE OCTOBER 20t 2011 TIlROUGH NOVEMBER 7, 2011.