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Getting geared up for Balloonfest this weekend

October 21, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAUGHTER — Outdoors with Jody Ray columnist Jody Adams, right, poses with his daughter, Joni Kay Adams at 2011 homecoming at Union Christian Academy in Fort Smith, Ark. Joni, who was junior class attendant, will celebrate her birthday Oct. 26. Photo by Jenny Adams

I will be at Balloonfest tonight in my creation, “The Egganator.” This is how it works.
I have built a 7x7-feet chicken coop cage, and I (and other third-grade Poteau Bandit League coaches) will stand inside. You will be able to purchase grade AA double-yolk eggs for $1 apiece or a dozen for $10, and you then throw the eggs at those standing inside “The Egganator.”
Now, I know some of you Oklahoma Sooner fans will love to tee off on me, since I picked Texas Tech to beat OU Saturday night at Owen Field in Norman. It's my “Upset Special of the Week.”
I pulled up at Atwoods to buy my chicken wire, and looked over at Stage. In both front windows, there was nothing by OU stuff all over the place. What, no orange Oklahoma State stuff? I'm sorry, but that's profiling. I got mad at first, then it occurred to me that they probably sold out of all the OSU stuff since OSU is the state's No. 1 team.
Back to the egg throwing. We coaches will have goggles on, and will be ready for y'all. All the money raised will go to the third-grade Poteau Bandit League football team.
Last Cast
First off, I have some birthday wishes. I'll led off with my own daughter, Joni Kay Adams (Oct. 26, age 17) — I can't believe you're that old!
Also, happy birthday wishes to W.A.R. — a.k.a., Wyatt Alexander Reece (Oct. 20, age 5) — and to Kass “Hollywood” Fenton (Oct. 23, age 10) — sorry about your leg getting broke, buddy!
If Oklahoma State gets ranked No. 1 this season, I'll paint my house black and orange.
I really like the flag on the fire truck back at the Poteau Pirate home football games. Thank you.
I'll see you at Balloonfest this weekend, and don't try to kill me with those eggs!
Save the world — recycle.
God bless our troops and veterans.
Have a great weekend.

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