Heavener, Panama each score in Friday’s scrimmage

Panama coach Brandon Ellis was wanting one main objective from Friday night’s home scrimmage against the Heavener Wolves at George Ollie Stadium.“We just want to stay healthy and see how our younger players react to different color jerseys,” he said.Even though the Razorbacks have made the playoffs for the past two years, their numbers have dwindled to 22 players. The Wolves, on the other hand, saw an increase in their numbers as they welcomed home Sam Hembree, who is beginning his first year as Heavener’s coach.Both first teams’ offenses looked good between the 30s, but both teams ran out of gas at that point.The first sign of offensive life was exhibited by Heavener. The Wolves scored on a 10-yard pass from Connor Place to Jacob Hill. Place’s 30-yard run, another 10-yard pass to Hill and Place’s 70-yard run soon followed.Panama’s Tristan Thompson scored on play as he broke free of a tackle and reversed the field from 50 yards.The one offensive drive that was sustained during the 20-minute simulation was by the Hogs as they scored on a 6-play, 50-yard drive. Thompson scored on a 20-yard run.