Hello youth season

Alston Washburn took his first deer with a bow last week near Panama. He is a student at Wister and likes to crappie fish and deer hunt. That’s my kind of guy. Shooting a deer with a bow and arrow is not an easy feat, and it definitely isn’t for everyone. I’m really proud for him. Good job, Alston!• • •Youth season opens up today. If you haven’t gotten your hunter safety card for your youth, it isn’t too late. The Wildlife Department offers an online course. You can set your child up to do it from the comfort of your home. Not only can you get that done at home, you can buy your tags online, too. Don’t let the paperwork hold you up. It’s just a few clicks away.For this year’s youth hunt, I am taking Cash and Koby to Clayton where I have some hunting land leased. The father of my buddy Butch Parks, Richard Parks, has a special “honey hole” for kids. He says the deer down there need to be thinned out — and Cash is just the one to do it. Cash has never gotten a deer, but he is ready to give it a try again this year. In years past, Cash has flung a few arrows and made a few hits, and hit another one with a shot from a rifle. However, the darn things get away since he wasn't able to hit the vitals. From the way Butch describes it, this could be Cash’s big opportunity to ‘get ‘er done!’Have a great weekend!• • •E-mail questions or comments to gmidgley_golf@yahoo.com.