I hope y'all had a happy Thanksgiving; a trip to 'Billy Deer Camp'

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving day holiday. We did at “The Adams' Family Compound.”I went to Walmart that night for its Black Friday sale, and it was crazy. Everybody was on edge. I was just going in with everybody, having fun and trying to “lighten” the mood, and some woman didn't like me too much. She started to come after me, but they talked her out of it. I dodged a bullet, and I was spared the embarrassment of being beaten up by a woman in front of Walmart.Thanksgiving week got started on the Saturday before when my son, Jacques, and I went hunting at Tater Ridge out at the Dog Creek Community at the Billy family cabin. Stephen, Keaton and Asher Billy were our hosts, and Vance Smedley was there, too.Save the world, recycle.God bless our troops and veterans.Have a great weekend.• • •Any questions or pictures, make contact with Jody Ray Adams on Facebook, on “The Jody Ray Fishing Hotline” at (918) 649-7387 or email to jodyray@classicnet.net.