KIM ROSS: Morning mumbles

Sorry I am running a little late today but the morning has been hectic. Reason — Chamber banquet recovery. With more than 200 pictures of the nights festivities to cull through and several stories involved, PDN employees hit the ground running. But on to the good stuff!I have to hand it to Stephen Fruen and Matt Blake — they pulled it off — I felt like I was at a male version of Cheyenne's Gentlemans Club! If only I had a few dollar bills to throw on the stage I would have felt better. For those of you that aren't aware, the two enacted a Saturday Night Live skit of Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze performing as Chippendale strippers. Right down to the tear off of their shirts leaving them with tuxedo collar and cuffs. Fruen I hate to hurt your feelings, but Blake outdid you! He did the perfect Farley shake. I hear there will be an encore at the Lumberjack Cafe today at noon if you missed last night's performance. And Mayor Jeff Shockley was lifted to the pillar of prestige to equal John F. Kennedy after a special appearance by Marilyn Monroe. With a "Happy Birthday to You" performance and the infamous "Seven Year Itch" subway vent skirt lifter, Chris Ward made the perfect Monroe. Jeff you did a great job hanging in there.To the rest of the performers, you were great but I am guessing even you recognize the insanity of the two performances that stole the spotlight. Way to go entertainers and organizers. It was a great night. And a special "It's about time" goes out to Jim Berngen — Citizen of the Year award winner — It's been more than 10 years in the making. Oh - and by the way - I now have a good picture of you Jim — you didn't get to stay behind the scenes last night. Catch you all Monday. Have great weekend and check out the local eventsx — Mountain Gateway Sisterhood of Steele derby bout Saturday at 11 at Skate-Reation; Kiwanis pancake breakfast beginning at 6 a.m. at Bob Lee Kidd Civic Center; LeFlore County Livestock show at the Poteau Fairgrounds today and tomorrow.