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Lakes' arrest gives one family solace from tragedy

July 11, 2012

One of the last pictures taken of Brandon Williams, 27, of Talihina after a successful hog hunting trip.

A father never expects to bury his son, but that is
exactly what Talihina resident Jesse Williams had to do
last year when his son, Brandon, died. Adding to the tragedy
of Brandon’s death was the way he died. Brandon died
on March 23, 2011, at age 27 of a heroin overdose at his
home in Talihina.
Jesse says that from an early age, he and his son would
go hunting together and that his son loved hunting, fishing,
camping, and the outdoors.
“It’s hard to deal with, even now,” says Jesse. Even
now, more than a year since his son’s death, the pain of
Jesse’s loss is immediately apparent. Jesse can take some
comfort, however, in the fact that his son’s death led to an
investigation that has taken two suspected drug dealers off
the streets of Talihina.
Ramon Lafayette Lake, 58, and his son, Landry Sean
Lake, 25, both of Talihina, were indicted in June on charges
of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a controlled
dangerous substance. The indictment states that
Landry would acquire quantities of heroin and then ship
them to his father.
Though the indictment never specifically mentions
Brandon, it does state that on the day before his death,
Ramon Lake sent a text message to an unnamed person
that read, “Good news later tonight” and that the unnamed person replied with a text message and later a phone call before visiting Ramon Lake at his home. According to the indictment, the unnamed person was found at home the next day, dead from a heroin over-dose. The indictment states that Ramon Lake continued to receive packages from his son, including one on May 19 that contained approximately 5.27 grams of heroin. The U.S. District Attorney’s Office for Eastern Oklahoma asserts that Lake and his son received heroin through the mail with the intention to sell it. At their indictment in June, the Lakes were released on bond. Their jury trial is scheduled for Aug. 6. If convicted, both men face up to 20 years imprisonment and a fine of up to $1 million. “We, Brandon’s family and friends, would like to thank Sheriff Bruce Curnutt and his deputy Duane Oliver and the rest of his staff. I would also like to thank Pushmataha County deputy Floyd Branson and agent Brad Balch with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics,” said Jesse. “We’d like to thank all the law enforcement officials involved.”


my son

July 11, 2012 by odiehamilton (not verified), 3 years 2 weeks ago
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That happen to my son in Aug 4th 2008. He layed there for hour and his body was also move before anyone was call nothing was ever done to these people glad to see someone pay for there part in a crime it is time this give me hope

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