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Local post office affected by cuts

October 28, 2011

Rumors that Postal
employees at the Poteau
location could face the loss
of their jobs have been
labeled as false by the U.S.
Postal Service Corporate
Communications Specialist
for Oklahoma, Dionne
It had recently been
rumored that the Poteau Post
Office was facing the loss of
up to three employees due
the postal downsize and budget
cuts that have been affecting
post office’s across the
nation. But according to
Montague, that is not so.
“Employees at the Poteau
location will not lose jobs.
They won’t face lay-off’s or
firing,” said Montague. “If
an employment change is
considered then the employees
would be offered reassignment
or the opportunity
to bid on another postal job
vacancy.” Postal employees
are unionized through several
different entities and for an
employment change to occur
Montague stated the US
Postal Service would have to
follow the bargaining agreement
between employer and
employee. If a reassignment
should be required and the
potential employee is eligible
for retirement, that is another
option that would be available.
Some cutbacks have been
made at the local post office
with the loss of automation
through their deliver point
sequence mail system. While
this may sound like a major
thing, Montague stated that
there would be no loss of
service and that there would
be no impact on delivery.
The Poteau Post Office
along with McAlester,
Woodward and Tulsa were
notified in September that
the U.S. Postal Service
planned to conduct a study to
examine the feasibility of
consolidating their operations
into the Oklahoma City
Processing and Distribution
Center. According to a press
release from the USPS, the
study would involve the
review of the mail processing
and transportation operations
to determine capacity
need within the postal network
in order to increase
efficiency and improve productivity.
The study is still underway
and isn’t expected to be
completed until the early part
of 2012.
The study was a product
of the continuing decrease in
annual mail volume and the
potential that it will never
return to the previous peak
If the study shows that
consolidation of the processing
and distribution centers
would be beneficial the USPS
will schedule a public meeting
with the affected towns
to explain the proposed
changes and potential impacts
on service. The USPS will
consider all public feedback
gathered at the public meetings
before making their final


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