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Oakes guilty

October 13, 2011

A Poteau man has
pleaded guilty to federal
charges after he attempted
to bribe a witness in a federal
case against his son.
The United States
Attorney’s Office for the
Eastern District of
Oklahoma, announced
Tuesday that Tom Oakes,
age 64, of Poteau, pled
guilty to tampering with a
Witness or Victim.
According to a press
release issued in the case,
charges arose from an
investigation by the Poteau
Police Department and the
Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco and Firearms.
The federal indictment
alleged that on or about
August 26, 2011,Oakes,
did knowingly attempt to
corruptly persuade another
person with intent to
influence and prevent his
or her testimony in an
official proceeding by
offering that person money
in return for the that person
agreeing not to testify
in United States v. Randall
Wayne Oakes. The investigation
revealed that the
defendant was recorded
offering a witnesses $500
to not testify against his
son, Randall Wayne
Kimberly E. West,
Magistrate Judge in the
United States District
Court for the Eastern
District of Oklahoma, in
Muskogee, accepted the
defendant’s guilty plea
and ordered the completion
of a presentence
report. Sentencing will be
scheduled following its
According to court
records in the case, John
Albert was scheduled to
be a witness in the case
against Randall Oakes.
Albert reportedly told
officials in the case that
Tom Oakes had offered
him the money not to testify.
The court records
show that Albert spoke
with Poteau Police
Detective Jim Craig and
ATF Agent Curt Collins
and told them of the offer.
After he gave a statement,
the court documents say,
the investigators placed a
recording device on Albert
who agreed to go to Oakes
home and talk with him
about the money.
When Albert arrived at
the home he met with
Oakes and he attempted
to influence Albert’s testimony
suggesting that if he
fail to appear at court or to
take the fifth amendment
during questioning he
would leave $500 in
Alberts mailbox for him.
According to the court
documents Albert asked
Oakes if he could get some
of the money now, but
Oakes told him he
wouldn’t get paid until the
“I can guarantee you’ll
get the money,” said Oakes
according to the complaint.
“I ain’t never lied to nobody.
I always tell them the truth,
the exact truth.” The conversation
reportedly continued
with Oakes agreeing to try to
get $100 dollars by the following
day by going to a
loan company.
The court records show
that Albert explained to
Oakes that he had already
received a subpoena to testify
in which Oakes told him
to take the fifth that there
wasn’t anything they could
do about it.
Oakes allegedly went on
to tell Albert that his wife
Kasi Albert, who is also a
witness in the case and Oakes
daughter had agreed to take
the fifth and to testify that
she had been stealing things
which would have given
Randall Oakes the right to
have the gun that had him
facing federal charges.
Randall Oakes was later
found not guilty of the federal
charges against him.
Tom Oakes is currently
out on bond and remain so
until his sentencing. The statutory
range of punishment
is not more than 20 years
imprisonment and/or up to
$250,000 in fines.

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