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Playoffs have arrived on baseball, softball diamonds — UPDATED SCHEDULE

April 17, 2012

Can you believe that the 2012 spring postseason has arrived — at least for a lot of our baseball and slow-pitch softball teams?
It's district-tourament week for the Class A and B baseball teams as well as all of the slow-pitch softball teams with the exception of Poteau.
The complete district-tournament schedule is listed at the end of this column.
One Last Tournament
There is one last regular-season tournament in which there will be LeFlore County representation as the Poteau Pirates will be in the Fort Gibson Tournament Thursday through Saturday.
Heavener at Wister, 4 p.m.
Leflore at Howe, 5 p.m.
Keota at Bokoshe, DH, 4 p.m.
Panama at Quinton, 4 p.m.
Pocola at Hartshorne, 4:30 p.m.
Class B District Tournament
at McCurtain
Arkoma vs. Bokoshe, 1 p.m.; Arkoma-Bokoshe loser vs. McCurtain, 3 p.m.; Arkoma-Bokoshe winner vs. McCurtain, 5 p.m.
Poteau at Fort Gibson Tournament, TBA.
Hartshorne at Heavener, 4 p.m.
Warner at Panama, 4 p.m.
Pocola at Hackett, Ark., 4 p.m.
Class A District Tournament
At Cameron
Howe vs. Gans, 1 p.m.; Howe-Gans loser vs. Cameron, 3 p.m.; Howe-Gans winner vs. Cameron, 5 p.m.; Title Game, 7 p.m.
Class B District Tournaments
At Leflore
Kinta vs. Panola, 2 p.m.; Kinta-Panola loser vs. Leflore, 4 p.m.; Kinta-Panola winner vs. Leflore, 6 p.m.; Title Game, 8 p.m.
At McCurtain
Arkoma, Bokoshe and McCurtain: Title game, 1 p.m.; If-game, 3 p.m.
At Battiest
Whitesboro vs. Battiest, DH, 4 p.m.
Regular Season
Poteau at Fort Gibson Tournament, TBA.
Spiro at Fort Smith (Ark.) Southside, 4:30 p.m.
Talihina and Iabdel at Atoka, 6 p.m. (Talihina vs. Idabel, 6 p.m.; Talihina vs. Atoka, 8 p.m.)
Class B District Tournament
Whitesboro vs. Battiest, 1 p.m., if necessary.
Poteau at Fort Gibson Tournament, TBA.
Spiro at Poteau, 4 p.m.
Heavener at Panama, 4 p.m.
Hartshorne at Talihina, 4 p.m.
Pocola at Wilburton, 4:30 p.m.
Wister at Red Oak, 4 p.m.
Sallisaw at Poteau, 4 p.m.
Cameron and Keota at Panama, 4 p.m. (Keota vs. Panama, 4 p.m.; Cameron vs. Keota, 5:15 p.m.; Cameron vs. Panama, 6:30 p.m.)
Wister and Gans at Heavener, 4 p.m. (Gans vs. Heavener, 4 p.m.; Wister vs. Gans, 5 p.m.; Wister vs. Heavener, 6 p.m.)
McCurtain at Howe, 5 p.m.
Clayton at Leflore, 5 p.m.
Pocola at Roland, 4 p.m.
Talihina and Crowder at Hartshorne, 5 p.m. (Talihina vs. Crowder, 5 p.m., Talihina vs. Hartshorne, 6 p.m.)
Whitesboro at Panola, 4:30 p.m.
Regular Season
Poteau at Tahlequah, 5 p.m.
Class 5A District Tournament
at Heavener
Spiro vs. Wilburton, 4 p.m.; Spiro-Wilburton loser vs. Heavener, 5:30 p.m.; Spiro-Wilburton winner, 7 p.m.; Title Game, 8:30 p.m.; If-Game, 10 p.m.
Class 4A District Tournaments
At Panama
Pocola vs. Panama, 1 p.m.; Pocola-Panama loser vs. Silo, 2:15 p.m.; Pocola-Panama winner vs. Silo, 3:30 p.m.; Title Game, 4:45 p.m.; If-Game, 6 p.m.
At Talihina
Wister vs. Talihina, noon; Wister-Talihina loser vs. Colbert, 1:20 p.m.; Wister-Talihina winner vs. Colbert, 2:40 p.m.; Title Game, 4 p.m.; If-Game, 5:20 p.m.
Class 3A District Tournament
At Quinton
Canadian vs. Quinton, 1:30 p.m.; Canadian-Quinton loser vs. Howe, 3 p.m.; Canadian-Quinton winner vs. Howe, 4:30 p.m.; Title Game, 6 p.m.; If-Game, 7:30 p.m.
Class 2A District Tournaments
At Oaks
Oaks vs. Arkoma, 11 a.m.; Cave Springs vs. Welch, 12:30 p.m.; losers play at 2 p.m.; winners play at 3:30 p.m.; Title Game, 5 p.m.; If-Game, 6:30 p.m.
At Keota
Gans vs. Keota, 10 a.m.; Cameron vs. Wetumka, 11:20 a.m.; losers play at 12:40 p.m.; winners play at 2 p.m.; Title Game, 3:20 p.m.; If-Game, 4:40 p.m.
Class A District Tournaments
At Red Oak
Leflore vs. Panola, noon; Leflore-Panola loser vs. Red Oak, 1:30 p.m.; Leflore-Panola winner vs. Red Oak, 3 p.m.; Title Game, 4:30 p.m.; If-Game, 6 p.m.
At Battiest
Whitesboro vs. Eagletown, 1 p.m.; Buffalo Valley vs. Battiest, 2:30 p.m.; losers play at 4 p.m.; winners play at 5:30 p.m.; Title Game, 7 p.m.; If-Game, 8:30 p.m.
Poteau at Panama, 4 p.m.

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