Propane users get emergency funding

In response to an executive order from Gov. Mary Fallin, a limited amount of additional funding giving priority to propane users will be available through the Energy Crisis Assistance Program).ECAP is part of the federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program administered by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.Beginning Tuesday, Feb. 4, DHS will accept applications and will continue processing applications until all allocated funds are depleted. Applicants will go through the standard process for applying for this assistance.The federal government is releasing an additional $4 million to the state of Oklahoma. The agency also has an additional $600,000 in donated funds from utility companies to be used in emergencies; DHS is committed to making every effort to get these funds out to the public as soon as possible.Eligibility for the program is based on each household’s income and assets. If you or someone you know may be income eligible, you are encouraged to apply for the ECAP funding at your local DHS County Office.Only one payment per household is allowed.The maximum income guidelines are:Size of Household Monthly Net Income1 $1,0532 $1,4223 $1,7904 $2,1595 $2,5276 $2,8967 $3,2648 $3,632A related story reporting on the propane crisis will publish in the Wednesday [Feb. 5] edition of the Poteau Daily News.