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PVIA officials requesting help from citizens

August 5, 2011

Wister Lake is weathering the high temperatures and lack of rain very well, PVIA officials are requesting voluntary water conservation due to distribution issues.

The Poteau Valley Improvement
Authority is asking residents to conserve
water following a record setting summer
of high temperatures and drought.
According to Don Goforth, PVIA
manager, the problem isn’t with water
availability or the capacity of the water
treatment plant at Wister Lake. The problem
is with distribution.
“There is plenty of water in Wister
Lake and the treatment plant has adequate
capacity. The problem is with distribution.
LeFlore County is just using
water faster than we can pump it,”
Goforth said.
Goforth said that if consumers don’t
start to do what they can to conserve,
water customers in the higher elevations
will lose water. He said that if voluntary
conservation doesn’t lessen the load on
the system, PVIA will have to resort to
mandatory water rationing. He said to
his knowledge this will be the first time
in more than 10 years that mandatory
water rationing would be necessary.
“Then it was only because of a
mechanical breakdown. This has just
been a very strange year. We are running
the plant just as hard as we can without
anything breaking,” he said. “If we were
to have any type of mechanical problem
right now it would create a very big

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