Second Annual Curtis Tennant Memorial Races Results, Updated Point Standings

SaturdayTri-State Speedway, PocolaEditor's note: Each race and division's point standings will have the top three and any other local racer.Pure Stock Race1. Zane Hunter, Alma, Ark.; 2. Marshall Penson, Van Buren, Ark.; 3. Cody Collingsworth, Rudy, Ark.Factory Stock Race1. Kyle McAllister, Fort Smith, Ark.; 2. Darren Scott, Springdale, Ark.; 3. Jerome Heinrich, Huntsville, Ark.; 5. Wendell Vaughn, Pocola; 6. Travis Vaughn, Pocola; 11. Joshua Vaughn, Pocola.Super Stock Race1. Gean Davlin, Shady Point; 2. Neil Johnston, Fort Smith; 3. Eric Beshoner, Fort Smith; 4. Dylan Davlin, Shady Point; 7. Ron Grover, Pocola; 9. Jeffrey Fountain, Spiro.USRA A Modified Race1. Randy Henson, Alma; 2. Kyle Ledford, Hackett, Ark.; 3. George Martin, Fort Smith; 4. Jeremy Vaughn, Pocola.USRA B Modified Race1. Gary Vaughn, Tontitown, Ark.; 2. Aaron Scroggins, Neosho, Mo.; 3. Camden Perry, Lincoln, Ark.Economy/360 Modified Race1. Zane Hunter, Alma; 2. Anthony Reeves, Mulberry, Ark.; 3. Dalton McKenzie, Van Buren.Front Wheel Drive Race1. James Poe, Gravette, Ark.; 2. Chris Perkins, Rudy; 3. Scott Bridges, Rogers, Ark.Mini Stock Race1. Charles Jones, Van Buren.Point StandingsPure Stock Division1. Marshall Penson, Van Buren, 1,042 points; 2. Fred Ross, Eufaula, 877; 3. Chad Warren, Fort Smith, 789; 15. Junior Thornburg, Spiro, 154; 17. Junior Grim, Pocola, 150.Factory Stock Division1. Kyle McAllister, Fort Smith, 1,195 points; 2. Jerome Heinrich, Huntsville, 1,139; 3. Darren Scott, Springdale, 852; 6. Michael Brasch, Pocola, 649; 13. Wendell Vaughn, Pocola, 324; 15. James Johnson, Pocola, 312; 21. Travis Vaughn, Pocola, 81; 24. Joshua Vaughn, Pocola, 70.Super Stock Division1. Dylan Davlin, Shady Point, 1,119 points; 2. Neil Johnston, Fort Smith, 989; 3. Ron Grover, Pocola, 978; 9. Gean Davlin, Shady Point, 519; 13. Jeffrey Fountain, Spiro, 302; 14. Robert Knowles, Buffalo Valley, 253; 16. Freddie Hogrefe, Cameron, 195; T28. Brandon Lovell, Bokoshe, 72.USRA A Modified Division1. Brian Williams, Fayetteville, Ark., 1,256 points; 2. George Martin, Fort Smith, 1,185; 3. Randy Henson, Alma, 1,140; 6. Jeremy Vaughn, Pocola, 837; 15. Martin Hemphill, Spiro, 314; 27. Darwin Hale, Spiro, 161; 30. Jerry Standifer, Howe, 138; T52. Martin Dunigan, Poteau, 45.USRA B Modified Division1. Chris Hawkins, Neosho, 1,110 points; 2. Todd Broyles, Farmington, Ark., 1,055; 3. Dallas Bourland, Fort Smith, 887; 7. Jeremy Smith, Spiro, 563.Economy/360 Modified Division1. Anthony Reeves, Mulberry, 373 points; 2. Zane Hunter, Alma, 350; 3. Delman Burris, N/A, 347.Front Wheel Drive Division1. Chris Perkins, Rudy, 390 points; 2. James Poe, Gravette, 382; 3. Corey Howell, Huntsville, 256; T10. Joshua Jones, Spiro, 87.Mini Stock Division1. Charles Jones, Van Buren, 200 points; 2. Christopher Tuck, Mulberry, 100.Up Next: The Summertime Classic Factory Stock Twin 20s will be a part of next Saturday night's racing card.