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Shady Point man files suit over alleged missing knife

February 8, 2012

A Shady Point man who was
arrested in September for disorderly
conduct and discharging a
firearm in city limits filed a
small claims lawsuit against
several county and municipal
entities after he alleged they
failed to return property to him
after his arrest.
Charley Wayne Covey, Sr.,
65, filed the small claims case
naming the Shady Point Police
Department, the Shady Point
Board of Trustees and the
LeFlore County Detention
Center as defendants in his claim
for financial reimbursement for
lost property.
According to the affidavit
filed by Covey, he stated the
defendants kept in their possession
a small Uncle Henry pocket
knife belonging to Covey that
held sentimental value and is
irreplaceable. Covey claimed in
the affidavit he requested his
property be returned to him but
the defendants listed refused to
do so.
According to Shady Point
Chief of Police Kendal Morgan,
the officer who arrested Covey in
September he has a copy of
Covey's property inventory sheet
that holds his signature stating he
received his property when
released from jail. The inventory
sheet included the knife as items
returned to Covey.
Covey is asking for $6,000 for
the value of the knife and an
additional $408 for cost incurred.
Covey stated in his affidavit he
asked the defendants to pay the
requested sum but they refused
to do so.
A tentative court date has been
set in the small claims lawsuit
for February 24 at 9 a.m. at the
LeFlore County Courthouse
pending the service of all defendants
in the case.

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