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Team Whitney Golf Tourney

September 23, 2011

Whitney Spangler

Twenty-two year-old Whitney Spangler
is not one to let Craniopharyngioma get
her down. For most of us the word alone
is scary enough. In May of 2010, Whitney
was diagnosed with a tumor in the central
part of her brain after serious headaches
and increasing vision problems.
A serious decline in her vision over a
short period of time led her to Dr. Tamatha
Holt, OD in Poteau who discovered that
something was putting pressure on the
optic nerve. A CT Scan confirmed the
tumor, and Whitney ultimately ended up at
UT Southwestern in Dallas for treatment.
At UT Southwestern, the 22 year-old
underwent a right frontal craniotomy in
March of 2010, and only part of the tumor
could be removed. In July of 2010, the
specialists found that the tumor was growing
again. The tumor was then treated with
radiation to help stop the growth. It was
successful, but another tumor appeared in
March, 2011. A left frontal craniotomy
was scheduled, but it was later determined
that the surgery was too dangerous, so
Whitney underwent another procedure to
drain the tumor. Whitney is scheduled to
return to Dallas in November to see what
the next steps will be.
Whitney refuses to be slowed down by
the diagnosis and is back to work at her job
at State Farm Insurance. Jane Peters,
Whitney’s mother says, “Whitney gets
really embarrassed when people give her
special treatment.” Jane also says the family
believes their strength comes from their
faith. Jane says, “Without our faith we
wouldn’t be where we are today and we
will make it through this. We have to
believe that everything happens for a reason.”
Although the tumors are non-cancerous,
Whitney will deal with the tumors throughout
her lifetime. The tumors will continue
to require treatments, and those treatments
are costly. Even with insurance, the deductibles,
travel expenses and lodging to and
from the treatment centers add up considerably.
To help with the ongoing cost of her
treatment friends of Whitney and her family
have organized the ‘Team Whitney
Golf Tournament’ scheduled for September
24, 2011, at the Wolf Ridge Golf Club.
The cost for the two-person team is $150,
and there are plenty of slots left available.
For those of you who don’t play golf
you can sponsor a team in honor or memory
of a friend or family member. Sponsoring
a team will help tremendously and you can
do so by contacting Mitzi Burkhart at Wolf
Ridge Golf Club at 918-647-2582.
For information about the Saturday
tournament, or to make a donation to help
with Whitney’s treatment expenses contact
Nancy Ellis at 989-649-7203.
Although Whitney and her family refuse
to ask for help with their expenses, their
friends and support circle know what a
blessing Whitney and her family are to the
community. Raising money to help with
Whitney’s expenses with the Team Whitney
Golf Tournament is a labor of love. You
can help Whitney and enjoy a fun, fall day
of golf at the same time. Contact Mitzi
Burkhart or Nancy Ellis at the above contact
numbers to show your support.


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