Trayce's Thursday Thoughts

I am going to start sharing some of my thoughts with you on Thursday now and just so you all know I have never blogged before so bare with me....I am amazed at how fast time flies now compared to when I was young and it seemed like, for instance, it took forever for me to reach 13 then 16 then 18 then 21 and now a days I can just turn around and 5 years have passed. My daughter will have one more year before she starts high school and only yesterday in my mind she was starting her first day of kindergarten....!I want to spend time with her but now she is the one with 101 things going on like cheer leading or softball or basketball or going to the movies with friends and I could go on and on. She considers me her own little personal taxi cab but I would be lying if I said I will be glad when she turns 16 and can drive herself because that will be the start of many more gray hairs worrying about her safety or where she is but I know it's coming and coming fast. I hope everyone has a TGIF kinda day tomorrow and a wonderful weekend.