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Two accused murderers return for trial

October 7, 2011

Two men accused of
murder have been returned
to LeFlore County to stand
Kevin Paul Statham,
50, and Suhail Mohammad
Shanti, 48, have both been
accused of separate murders
in LeFlore County.
They were both apprehended
in the northern
United States and recently
transported to the LeFlore
County Detention Center.
Statham is accused of
the murder of his mother
and father in June. As
previously reported by
PDN, Paul Statham, 70,
and Helen Statham, 69,
were found dead from
apparent gunshot wounds
at their home on Old
Bokoshe Rd. after their
other son became concerned
when he was unable
to contact them.
According to information
released by the OSBI
and Sheriff’s Department,
the son contacted a nephew
who lived nearby and
asked him to check on the
couple. The nephew went
to their home and found
Helen Statham dead in the
back yard. He dialed 911
and notified the Sheriff’s
Department of the discovery.
Reportedly when deputies
arrived they located
the body of Paul Statham,
also deceased, inside the
The OSBI was notified
by the Sheriff’s Department
of the crime and an investigation
ensued which
soon revealed the victims’
1993 Chevy Z71 four
wheel drive pickup was
missing from the residence.
The truck was
described as green on top
and bottom with a tan or
silver stripe in the middle
displaying Oklahoma
plates 727EMF.
Authorities began
searching for Kevin
Statham, the couple’s son,
for questioning in the murder
of his parents. Within
24 hours the LeFlore
County Sheriff ’s
Department was notified
that Kevin Statham had
been arrested during a
traffic stop in Lakota, ND.
Statham refused to sign a
waiver of extradition to
return to Oklahoma to
stand trial for his parents
murder so the LeFlore
County District Attorney’s
Office began proceedings
to obtain a Governor’s
Warrant to bring him back
without his consent.
Shanti disappeared
more than 27 years ago
after he was a suspect in
the shooting death of a
fellow classmate. On
Friday, December 9, 1983,
Mohamed Ayman Al-Zein,
an international student at
Carl Albert Junior College,
was found dead in his
apartment by his room
mate. Poteau Police
Officers responded to the
call and arrived to find
Al-Zein shot twice in the
back and struck once in
the front of the head with
a club and once in the
back of the head.
Shanti was arrested on
an outstanding warrant for
first degree murder issued
by LeFlore County after
Border Patrol Officials
discovered he was a fugitive. Shanti, who had possibly
been living in the Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada,
area, had applied for a Nexus pass which involved a
detailed identification check. The pass is issued to travelers
who frequently cross the U.S. / Canadian border.
Shanti also refused to sign extredition to return to
Oklahoma and a Governor’s Warrant was issued.
Both men are now being detained at the LeFlore
County Detention Center awaiting trial for murder.

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