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Two schools go smoke free

September 6, 2011

Two local schools have
chosen to begin 2011-2012
school year 24/7 tobaccofree
Tobacco kills more
Oklahomans than alcohol,
auto accidents, AIDS, suicides,
murders and illegal
drugs COMBINED. To
combat the dangers of
tobacco use and protect
their students many schools
have chosen to adopt a 24/7
Tobacco Free School
In order to recognize the
importance of adult role
modeling for students during
formative years and to
provide a healthy environment
for students, staff,
patrons and visitors, the
Spiro and Howe School
Boards recently voted to
adopt a 100 percent tobacco-
free environment. These
School District’s Policies
prohibits the use of all
tobacco products on all district-
owned property 24
hours a day, 7 days a week,
365 days a year.
“Current state law only
mandates schools be tobacco-
free between the hours
of 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.” states
B.J. Barnes, Coordinator,
Tobacco-free LeFlore
County. “A goal of our
coalition is to see all 17
LeFlore County school districts
adopt a 24/7 Tobaccofree
School Policy in an
effort to give students the
clear message that tobacco
use is hazardous to their
Current LeFlore County
Schools with 24/7 Tobaccofree
School Policies are
Howe, Poteau, Shady Point,
Spiro and Talihina.
Spi ro School
Superintendent Don
Atkinson states, “With all
the challenges that today’s
education brings to our
children, we must do our
part in providing a healthy
environment along with
promoting positive life
skills. It has been a pleasure
to work with Tobacco-free
LeFlore County in implementing
the 24/7 Tobacco-
Free Policy to protect our
Howe School
Superintendent Scott Parks
states, “I am very pleased
by our school's commitment
to this important
cause. On behalf of Howe
Schools, I believe that it is
necessary that we support a
24/7 Tobacco Free Campus
to set a proper example for
the students that we serve.
I appreciate the support of
the coalition in allowing us
to be a part of this initiative.
I would also like to thank
the coalition for supporting
our community awareness
efforts by supplying the
necessary banners and signs
allowing our school to
effectively communicate
our support of this initiative.”
Tobacco-free LeFlore
County is grantee of the
Oklahoma Tobacco
Settlement Endowment
Trust serving LeFlore
County to prevent and
reduce tobacco use. They
do this by working with
schools, municipalities, and
businesses to instill policies
and provide services to
decrease the use of tobacco
in our communities.
Tobacco-free LeFlore
County is a program of the
LeFlore County Coalition
for Healthy Living and
LeFlore County Youth
Services, Inc.
For more information on
or to join Tobacco-free
LeFlore County in their
efforts, please contact B.J.
Barnes, Coordinator, at
918) 647-4196 or bj@lcys.

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