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We shall never forget: Rememberance day planned

September 2, 2011

In LeFlore County and
across the nation Americans
are preparing for the tenth
anniversary of this nation's
most horrific and terrifying
terrorist attack.
The loss of life from
that single invasion of our
country left millions in
mourning and a country at
war. September 11, 2001
began as any other morning
for people across
America but by 8:46 a.m.
our nation would be in
shock and chaos.
Four international flights
from separate U.S airports
carrying more than 240
passengers combined, were
highjacked that atrocious
morning by 19 al-Qaeda
terrorists intent on devastation
and murder.
American Airline Flight 11
was the first plane that so
many have seen in the horrible
images played by
mass media outlets across
the world. The plane was
flown into the side of the
North Tower of the World
Trade Center at 8:46 a.m.
ending in a fiery explosion
killing all aboard. Before
the nation's eyes while
reporters notified the country
of the attack, United
Airlines Flight 175 struck
the South Tower of the
World Trade Center at 9:03
a.m. As the country
watched the horrifying
events unfold, American
Airlines Flight 77 struck
the Pentagon and United
Airlines Flight 93 crashed
to the ground in Shanksville,
Pa. By 10:30 that morning,
both the North and
South Towers had collapsed
killing hundreds of
emergency workers, thousands
of people trapped
inside the buildings and those watching from below.
The final death toll according to Wikipedia is 2,958
people not including the terrorists responsible for the
tragedy. 343 were Firefighters, 60 were Police Officers,
eight were EMT / Paramedics, and 55 were military personnel
at the Pentagon. The remaining people listed in
the death toll were civilians from over 70 different
So in remembrance of that day and the many who lost
their lives, retired Shady Point Fire Chief Bob Hawley
along with several members of emergency services and
city officials have organized the Tenth Anniversary
Remembrance Day to be held on Friday, September 9,
2011 at 8:30 a.m.
The ceremony will begin with the Presentation of
Colors by the EMS of LeFlore County Honor Guard to be
followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Opening prayer
will be conducted by Brother Keith Williams, Pastor of
Poteau Assembly of God. Guest speakers during the
ceremony will by Hawley, Poteau Mayor Jeff Shockley,
State Representative James Lockhart, State Senator Mark
Allen and Poteau Fire Chief Jon Pickle.
As the flag is lowered to half mass by the EMS of
LeFlore County Honor Guard, the sounding of the siren
in remembrance of those lost will signify the ending of
ceremonies and the morning will end with a closing
prayer by Brother Darrin McKnight, Pastor of Spiro First
Baptist Church. After the ceremony there will be refreshments
at the Poteau Chamber of Commerce.

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