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Website has warning regarding local sex offender

August 23, 2011

Ricky Brown

Allegations have been
made that a registered sex
offender has been going
door to door within the
county introducing himself
as a member of the
Jehovah's Witnesses and
offering home Bible study
to unsuspecting families.
PDN received an email
from the Silentlambs
Organization in which
they forwarded us a chilling
story about what a
local family felt was a
close call.
According to the email
a parent of a 13 year old
daughter and 15 year old
son had been doing home
study with a another couple
who were of the
Jehovah's Witnesses faith.
The couple had to leave
for an extended time so
they arranged for another
person to continue the
home study with the local
family. The person that
arrived at their home was
Ricky R. Brown, 59, of
Poteau. The resident
described Brown as nice
but he allegedly kept trying
to get them to bring
their children to his home
for the day or possibly for
an overnight stay. The
parents declined his offers
but soon noticed that during
visits to their home,
Brown began making
comments toward their
daughter that raised concerns.
This is when they
made a mortifying discovery.
The man they had
welcomed into their home,
near their children, was a
registered sex offender.
Brown, who now lives
on Pleasant Valley Road,
was released from the
Oklahoma Department of
Corrections in 2007 after
being sentenced to 15
years in prison for lewd
molestation. He was
arrested and charged in
Tulsa County with two
counts of lewd molestation
and in 2000 entered a
plea of no contest in both
charges being sentenced
to 15 years for count two
and five years in count
Brown was required by
law to register in the sex
offender program upon his
release from DOC and is
registered as an aggravated
level three offender.
This status requires that
he remains registered for
his lifetime.
He has followed the
rules of his registration
and is current with local
authorities but this didn’t
help a local family who
feel their children could
have been his next victims


sex offenders

August 31, 2011 by mustangsally (not verified), 3 years 47 weeks ago
Comment: 262

Just goes to show that these people do not need to be released from jail.
One man in Florida told the judge, "if you release me, I'll do it again"!
The judge released him anyway. Parents, be vigilant in knowing who the people are that have contact with your children. Always check the sex offender registry and be watchful.

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