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Who got arrested?

September 1, 2014

Bookings from Aug. 28 to Sep. 1.

The following people were booked into the LeFlore County Detention Center overnight. The information was gathered from the jail's daily roster and only shows booking information. Only those with a case number listed have been charged. Stay tuned each morning to see who was arrested overnight.
CF — criminal felony
CM— criminal misdemeanor
FD — family docket such as child support
For more information about an arrestee, you can search by name or case number on or

Aug. 28

Kenneth Wayne Couch, CF-98-405; $65,880.30 cash

David Curtis Moles, FMI-11-107, CM-12-175, CM-06-937, CM-08-154, CM-122-175, TR-12-794, TR-12-795; $18,534.2 cash

Aug. 29

Angela Kay Samuel, domestic abuse and battery; no bond

Danny Ray Bailey, CF-11-223; $1,339 cash bond

Christopher M. Russel, FD-06-460; $13,447 cash bond

Joshua T. Jones, fighting in public, possession controlled dangerous substance; $439 cash bond

Aug. 30

Justin Lee Spears, driving under suspension, driving under influence, Panama warrant; $4,041 cash bond

Billy Randell, driving under influence; no bond

William Saulter, CM-12-256, possession controlled dangerous substance; $2,500 bond

James Dean Sisco, public intoxication; $325 cash bond

Christopher Andrews, possession marijuana; $508 cash bond

Alisha Christine Dwillis, possession prohibited weapon, possession drug paraphernalia; $738 cash bond

Aug. 31

Scott Parker, driving under influence; no bond

Steven Ray Haggard Jr., CM-2013-399, CM-2013-399; $1,654.9 cash bond

William Haggard, JDL-11-1; $5,000 bond

Dylan Poor, CM-12-333; $500 bond

Wesley Brandon Gin, CM-13-549, CM-2013-549; $864 cash bond

Kristina King, driving under influence, possession of marijuana; no bond

Dustin Brown, failure to stop at red light, driving under influence; no bond

William Dwigh Hampton, SC-12-383; $839.61 cash bond

Lea Ann Wilde, driving under influence; no bond

Michael J. Durham, driving under influence, driving under suspension; no bond

Ike Issac Ritter, Poteau warrants; $1,559 cash bond

Sep. 1

Sally Ann Herrera, driving under influence; no bond

Hillary Moore, Spiro warrant; $729 cash bond

Nita Alirez, driving under influence; no bond

Kimberly Scott, abuse and battery; $449 cash bond

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