Who got arrested

The following people were booked into the LeFlore County Detention Center overnight. The information was gathered from the jail's daily roster and only shows booking information. Only those with a case number listed have been charged. Stay tuned each morning to see who was arrested overnight. CF — criminal felonyCM— criminal misdemeanorFD — family docket such as child supportFor more information about an arrestee, you can search by name or case number on www.ODCR.com or www.OSCN.net.Aug. 13Tracy Charity, failure to pay, CF-12-217A; $1,569 bondWendy Lavern Charity, CF-12-217; $1,061 bondSteven W. Billy, CM-2004-638; $1,636.26 cash bondJames Michael Baez, CF-06-72, domestic assault and battery in presence of minor; $1.396 bondJesse James Davis Jr., domestic abuse; no bondAug. 14Ronald Gen Stoughton, CF-12-222/probation violation, CF-12-222; $1,458.90 cash bondJohn Douglas Huff, CM-04-745, possession of narcotic without proper prescription; $10,724 bond