Who got arrested?

The following people were booked into the LeFlore County Detention Center overnight. The information was gathered from the jail's daily roster and only shows booking information. Only those with a case number listed have been charged. Stay tuned each morning to see who was arrested overnight. CF — criminal felonyCM— criminal misdemeanorFD — family docket such as child supportFor more information about an arrestee, you can search by name or case number on www.ODCR.com or www.OSCN.net.Aug. 15Rickey Lee Dunigan, CF-01-331, CF-04-608, CF-05-87, CF-05-366, CM-00-222, CM-02-831, CM-03-960, TR-03-1314, TR-03-1315 $28980.84/CF-2013-00483 $50000.00/CF-2013-00358 $50000.00/CF-13-483, CF-13-358 with no bond; $128.980 bondShannon Nicole Kamm, CF-2008-00083 3416.15/CM-13-583 500.00; $3.916.15 bondAngel Rejoice Fisk, CF-13-549, CM-14-16; $2,033 bondDustin Virgil Le Hamman, second burglary 10000.00/Larceny of auto, second burglary 25000.00; $35,000 bondAustin Charles Owen, theft of auto, second burglary, KCSP; $25,000 bondAug. 16Michael Ger Waterbury, public intoxication; no bondDaniel Cass Moquett, driving under influence, resisting arrest, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, driving under suspension, no ignition interlock; no bondJonathan Hargrove, possession marijuana, possession controlled dangerous substance, possession paraphernalia, possession RX without RX, possession police radio with felony; no bondClint Gene Morgan, no drivers license, no insurance, driving under influence; $2,500 bondJulie Ann Bacon, child endangerment x2; $50,000 bondAug. 17Naylor Jack Mi Granite, driving under influence-D/TOC/contributing to the delinquency of a minor; no bondJustin James, CF-13-525; $275 bondJeremy Thomas Strunk, CF-12-429; $3,359.47 bondDamaso Vasques, driving under influence, leaving scene of accident with great bodily injury, no drivers license, no proof of insurance, failure to maintain lane; no bondLevi Taylor Vaughn, possession of stolen property; no bondShane Tyler Hickman, aggravated domestic abuse; no bondChristopher Al Carter, CF-13-49; $5,000 bondJoseph David Gonyea III, CF-12-571; $1,791 bondStephanie Lynn Clark, driving under influence; no bondDereck Ryan Landrum, driving under influence; no bondAug. 18Kaylyn Glee Robison, driving under influence, TOC, possession marijuana/hold for Nebraska