2012 Punt, Pass and Kick Competition winners crowed

The 2012 He-Man Punt, Pass and Kick Competition winners were crowned last weekend at the “Jody Ray Sports Complex.”The sixth annual Junior He-Man Punt, Pass and Kick Competition took place Saturday afternoon.The L'il Me-Man Division champion was Zayden Dennis, who scored 37 points and earned $75. He won the tire throw, field goal and read and recognition events.Sarah Carroll was second (32 points, $30) and Brandon Carshall was third (17, $20). Carshall also was named the Most Improved Athlete for this year's event, while Aaron Carroll won the “Got-A-Man Down” Award.In the Junior He-Man Division, Easton Francis claimed the top prize with 50 points and earned $75 plus a $20 gift certificate to Warehouse Willy's. He won the tire throw event.Coming in second was Layne Dennis (48 points, $30 and $10 LaHuerta's Mexican Restaurant gift certificate). He won the read and recognition event.Daz McMillin was third (45 points, $20 and a free lunch at Maria's Mexican Restaurant). He was named the Most Improved Athlete at this year's event.“Big E” Ethan Harrison won the “Got-A-Man Down” Award, while Ian McRorey won the field goal event.Sunday was the 19th annual He-Man Punt, Pass and Kick Competition. Justin “Bad Leroy” Brown, representing the Cameron High School Class of 1997, won first place with 59 points to earn $165 plus a $20 gift certificate to Warehouse Willy's.Andrew “Downtown” Brown was second in this year's event with 55 points to earn $30 and a $10 gift certificate to LaHuerta's Mexican Restaurant.Larry “Butch” Howard was third (51 points, $20, free lunch at Maria's Mexican Restaurant), and was named the “Comeback Player of the Year.”This year's Most Improved Athlete Award winner was Jeremy “Clive” Kinsey, while Michael Carsello was presented the “Got-A-Man Down” Award.On Saturday, Zayden Dennis got out of the truck, and told me that he was “going to shock the world.” He delivered!Zayden won every event, and took home first place in the L'il He-Man Division. He'll probably win The Heisman next year!It was muddy as usual, and all the kids went crazy — thus, making me crazy!But it was really fun, and we all had a great time!On Sunday, Joey Clary made his first throw through the tire, and started “Tebow-ing” (kneeling down in prayer like the Denver Broncos quarterback does after he scores a touchdown).Mitch Simpson showed up with a “Giants” football, and he did great for his rookie year.Chad Yandell was our repairman — thanks!Justin “Bad Leroy” Brown won this year's He-Man Punt, Pass and Kick Competition after finishing second to yours truly last year — congratulations.I want to give a huge thank you to all of this year's sponsors — The Community State Bank, Green Country Trophies and Screen Printing, Spider Webb Farm Implements, Warehouse Willy's, LaHuerta's Mexican Restaurant and Maria's Mexican Restaurant.We'll do this again next year — same time, same place!— — —Any questions or pictures, make contact with Jody Ray Adams on Facebook, on the “Jody Ray Fishing Hotline” at (918) 649-7387 or email to jodyray@classicnet.net.