4-H Leadership Conference held in Poteau

Poteau is playing host tothe 4-H South East DistrictLeadership Conference. Forthe duration of the conference,4-H delegates from17 counties are experiencingexcellent workshopsand are hearing from speakersinvited by the SouthEast District Officers tospeak on the importance ofleadership.This year's theme is“4-H.... The Game ofLife”.On Wednesday, delegatesattended the opening assemblyled by Callie Curnutt,South East DistrictPresident. They then attendeda campaign rally wherethey heard speeches fromdistrict officer candidatesand had a town hall meetingfor county voting delegatesand district officercandidates.Finally, ballots were castand the delegates enjoyed adance and listened to thereflections of Alicia Daniel,South East District VicePresident.Thursday, delegatesgathered in open assemblylead by Samantha Brownlee,South East District Secretaryand heard from two speakers:John Talley of the FCAand Stephanie Bright.Just before lunch, campaignspeeches were heardfor state council representativepositions and then thecounty clusters voted forstate representative positions.In the afternoon, delegatesattended workshopsand in the evening, the delegatesattended a celebrationbanquet dinner anddance where the results ofthe district offer electionwere revealed and the newdistrict officers wereinstalled