Abuse case escalates in Courthouse parking lot

The family of a Poteau man convicted of child abuse and in court for a recent domestic abuse case was involved in an altercation with the alleged victim Thursday morning.Ashley Marie Cox, of Heavener, appeared in LeFlore County District Court as a witness against her former husband Jeremiah Cox, 33, of Poteau. Jeremiah Cox, who was convicted of child abuse last year, appeared in court for a recent domestic abuse case in which his former wife was the victim. When court concluded, Jeremiah's family gathered in the parking lot of the courthouse and when Ashley Cox emerged from the building, a verbal assault was initiated by Jeremiah Cox's mother. The two women were kept separate but when Ashley Cox drove away, she circled in front of the family which resulted in one of Jeremiah Cox's male family members chasing her car attempted to hit it with his fist. Investigators with the LeFlore County District Attorney's Office along with LeFlore County Deputies and other municipal officers stop the incident before anyone was hurt.