Accident results in charges for two women

Two women who wereinjured in a single vehicleaccident near Lake CarlAlbert on State Highway82 were formally chargedby the LeFlore CountyDistrict Attorney’s OfficeWednesday after it wasdetermined that the driverwas allegedly under theinfluence of alcohol.According to the affidavitfiled by Trooper TimBaker, he arrived at thescene of the accident tofind a red Ford car thathad ran off the roadwayand rolled over.According to a witness,the car had been travelingsouthbound and suddenlyran off the west side of theroad then overcorrectedthen overturned. RhondaMichelle Coffey, 40, ofTalihina, was ejected fromthe vehicle while passengerJamie M. Courtway,43, of Potosi, Mo., wastrapped inside suspendedby her seat belt.A good Samaritan whostopped at the scene of theaccident tried to assistCourtway by cutting herloose from the seatbelt,but the Talihina FireDepartment had to extricateCourtway from themangled wreckage.According to Baker,when he arrived he locatedCoffey inside an ambulanceand upon questioningher about the accidentnoticed she smelled ofalcohol. He claimed herspeech was extremelyslurred and that she deniedbeing the driver of the car.When Baker questionedCourtway, he noticed thatshe also appeared to havebeen drinking and she alsodid not recall who hadbeen driving until Coffeyclaimed that Courtwaywas the driver.While administering abreath test to Courtway,Baker observed bruisesconsistent with a passengerseatbelt on Courtwayand determined that shehad lied and Coffey wasindeed the driver duringthe accident.Both women weretransported to the ChoctawNation Hospital and treatedfor their injuries.Coffey has since been formallycharged with drivingunder the influence ofalcohol – second or subsequentoffense, drivingwith a suspended orrevoked license and failureto wear a seatbelt.Courtway was formallycharged with public intoxication.Coffey is currentlyfree on bond awaitingher next court appearancenext Friday.