AES official confirms restructure resulted in layoffs

An area business confirmed Monday, employees were laid off at the end of June. Lundy Kiger, vice president and director of government operations confirmed Monday that four employees have been released from their duties at the Shady Point location as a result of the restructure of the corporation. "The personnel changes were part of the previously announced reorganization within AES that would involve changes in the structure of the Shady Point workforce with some new hires expected and others departing," said Kiger. "Overall, we anticipate that the end result for total employment levels at Shady Point will not change significantly, but with a changing business environment we will always work to remain competitive in order for AES Shady Point to provide sustainable and reliable electric service to Oklahoma Gas & Electric and their customers."The restructure was a worldwide event, causing layoffs not only at the Shady Point location. The AES corporation spans 23 countries and has a global workforce of 25,000, including 3,600 in the United States.