Archery season, baseball playoffs are here

Tuesday was the opening day of deer archery and bear archery season. If you have not bought your bear tag, you are out of luck because you must buy it before archery season starts.I do not agree with us having to buy a tag by a certain date to kill a bear, but that is the rule so I will not buy one. I may try to hunt a bear in the future, and the wildlife department is giving us more of an opportunity to kill one — but this year is not the year that I will hunt them.My coaching and hunting buddy, Wister baseball coach John McAlester, bought a tag for his son, Tanner, last year because Tanner told him he wanted to kill a bear. Well, Tanner did just that and he shot a big sucker. His bear was shot with a crossbow and was a big dude. A full body mount of this bear is on display at Wister Food Market. When they got ready to do the full body mount, John Sloan had to order a grizzly bear mount to get the job done because this black bear was a huge one.Have a great week!• • •E-mail questions or comments to's note: There will not be an “Outdoors with Jody Ray” column by Jody Adams this week, since he is at the LeFlore County Bass Club's 2013 Classic at Robert S. Kerr Reservoir. He'll return on Oct. 11 with details about the event.