Area residents ask commissioners to make road private

A group of concerned citizens attended the county commissioner meeting Monday in an attempt to have their road recognized as private. John Stephens said he and other residents are tired of people riding four-wheelers and dirt bikes on the road, as well as throwing out beer bottles and leaving trash along the way. In an attempt to keep traffic out of the residential area, Stephens placed signs on adjoining 215th Avenue marking 206th as a private drive. After complaints, District 1 County Commissioner Derwin Gist asked the Sheriff's Department to remove and return the signs to Stephens. "I asked them [Sheriff's Department] to come out and remove the signs," said Gist. "You had it on 215th Avenue and people didn't like it."Stephens said the group wanted a decision from the commissioners as to whether the drive was private, and their responsibility, or county property and the commissioners' burden. Their request comes after being told by the postal service that 206th Avenue is a private road. District 2 County Commissioner Lance Smith made a motion to review the residents' information and make a decision regarding 206th Avenue within a couple of weeks. Smith promised the residents they would be notified of the outcome in writing.