Arkoma defense strong, offense shaky in Friday night's scrimmage against Porum

ARKOMA — Arkoma coach Mark Weatherton figured his Mustangs' defensive unit would have a good game, and it did in Friday night's scrimmage against Porum at Mustang Field. However, the offensive unit did not perform as well as he thought it would.The Panthers scored only once on the Mustangs.“Defensively, I thought we were pretty good,” Weatherton said. “We were a little inconsistent at linebacker. Our defense really had a better game than our offense did.”Offensive, the Mustangs scored three times, a 10-yard run by Dakota Roam and two touchdown passes from Ethann Gates to Tanner Sweeten — a 60-yarder and a 10-yard strike.However, Weatherton thought he'd see a little more scoring than three TDs.