Arkoma interteam football scrimmage gives Mustangs a hoof up on next season

When the Arkoma Mustangs football team had its Blue-White Scrimmage Monday night at Mustang Field, Coach Mark Weatherton saw both good and not-as-good things.For starters, all players saw a lot of action.“I was really pleased,” he said. “We don't have a lot of players, so we needed to get some reps — and we got reps. We got a chance to work on the stuff we had to work on. We didn't get any injuries. It went well.”The White defeated the Blue 28-14. For the White, Tanner Steward scored two of the touchdowns, one on a 70-yard interception return and the other on a 60-yard run. The other two scores were on a Skylar Batt 3-yard and a 15-yard pass from Steward to Tyler Ruston.The combination of Ethan Gates and Tyree Nolden produced both scores for the Blue on TD passes of 40 and 25 yards.The play of Steward and Gates was something Weatherton was anxious to watch in the scrimmage.“We've got to replace our quarterback (Christian Davis),” he said. “The big thing I was wanting to see was how our quarterbacks reacted to live moments. I thought Tanner and Ethan did a really nice job. They both have to do a better job of running the offense and knowing where everyone is going to be. We've got other skill kids and guys at running back, but we need to have someone to run the show. They got a head start on working on that. Both had good moments, and took big steps forward.”Another area Weatherton was looking forward to was seeing who could step up in the linebacker spot, since R.J. Horton is moving to California.“With R.J. (Horton) moving off, we have to find linebackers,” the Arkoma coach said. “It wasn't a terrible night, but I wanted to see more out of them. We're going to be young, too. We've got to get that worked on. I'm not saying I was disappointed. We made tackles, but we have to find someone to step up and fill that role.”By and large, Weatherton saw more positives than negatives from Monday night's scrimmage.“I thought it went well,” he said. “The kids were out there playing football, and not goofing off. Both sides were intense and wanted to win. It's what we needed, and I thought it was a great lead into our team camp next week. We're going to a team camp next week at Deer Creek-Lamont.”