Attorney General denounces clemency

On Thursday, Attorney General Scott Pruitt denounced clemency for a convicted rapist and murderer.“This convicted murderer lured his estranged girlfriend’s mother to his apartment and then brutally raped her, broke her jaw, stabbed her six times, puncturing her abdomen, and left her for dead while he drove off in her van. He does not deserve our pity or clemency, and it is incomprehensible that four members of the pardon and parole board would usurp the judgment of a jury and deny this family justice,” Attorney General Scott Pruitt said.According to wire reports, the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board has voted 4-1 to grant clemency to a death row inmate who's to be executed this month for the rape and murder of his girlfriend's mother.The board voted Thursday to recommend that the death sentence of 39-year-old Brian Darrell Davis be commuted to life in prison without parole.The recommendation now goes to Gov. Mary Fallin for approval or rejection.Davis is scheduled to be executed June 25 for the November 2001 rape and murder of 52-year-old Jody Sanford. AP writers contributed to this story