Baiting, baseball and summer day trips

As I promised, I have more information regarding the baiting in the Wildlife Management Areas. I had a visit with James Lockhart in Shawnee last week on the way to the Class 2A State Tournament, and we had the opportunity to discuss the issue a little bit. He told me I needed to contact Jerry Ellis who is the vice chairman of tourism and wildlife in the senate.I have not talked to Ellis yet, but I am planning on giving him a call — and you should do the same, if you have questions about the change in the baiting rule.According to Lockhart, Ellis attended a meeting in Antlers, which was similar to the one I attended in Poteau. I am curious if he had the same feelings that I did about the way the meeting was handled.— — —This week, my OK Kids midget team (with my stepson, Cash) is in the middle of a combined MidSeason Tournament with the league in the Wilburton area because both their league and ours only have four teams. My boys play at 6 p.m. tonight. Since there are only a few teams in LeFlore County in this age bracket, we wanted to have a little better tournament. So, we all went in together. It did mean we had to travel a little further, but it lent for a great experience for the kids — plus they love playing on new fields against different teams.— — —School is out for the summer for Wister Public Schools starting next week. I plan on getting into my boat and doing some fishing. I am also going to do some squirrel hunting, since the season opened up this week. That will give me something relaxing to do for a while.I may take my boys down to my lease and spend a couple of nights hunting and camping just to get away for a couple of days to kick off the summer. Since I don’t think I will get Cash to sleep out under the stars, I will probably have to take a camper.Have a great week!— — —Email questions or comments to