Basketball, and selling a buggy

We have got to that time of the year again. Wister athletes are selling buggy tickets again to raise money to buy shoes among other baseball items for the upcoming season.This year, we are giving away a Massimo 500 4x4 gas-powered buggy from TCS in Sallisaw. We will give away lots of other prizes, including six guns, several meals and a night away from the kids.The good part is we will feed you and your family, and entertain you for the evening. The drawing will be Feb. 16 at Wister Schools cafeteria. The tickets are $20, and you can contact me or any of the Wister athletes or coaches for your tickets.• • •My junior high basketball team had their last game of the season Tuesday night at Wister. Those boys have worked hard for the last several years, and I am proud to be their coach.I have coached for more than 10 years at Wister, and I have coached several really good teams. However, this one has done things that no other team has done since I have been around.They went undefeated as sixth-graders, lost two as seventh-graders and went undefeated again as eighth-graders. They also were runners-up as seventh-graders in the county before winning it this year. The seventh-grade and freshmen classes have been involved in this and deserve some credit, also.I told them if they went undefeated, they could cut my hair anyway they wanted. So, if you see me in the next few weeks, just know that I have not lost my mind.Have a great week!• • •E-mail questions or comments to