Benefit helps local entertainer

Cody Banning
PDN Reporter

Everyone needs help from time-to-time — even someone as well known as author, podcaster and YouTube personality Earl Green. Green has entertained the region and the world with his Escape Pod podcast, website, YouTube videos and various books covering fandoms from Doctor Who to Star Trek. Though Green and his family lived in and around LeFlore and Sebastian counties for most of his life, he moved to Utah to be with his children around a year ago.
Things in Utah are quite different from small town Oklahoma and Arkansas, and though Green has landed a new an growing job with Roddenberry and crew, the job won't really become lucrative until later in the year. During this time of transition, the mother of Green's children has been injured on the job and her employer is fighting her workers compensation claim, leaving Green to support his whole family on his small salary that he supplements through freelance graphic design work.

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