Beware of new phone scam

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak and the Medicare Assistance Program are alerting Oklahoma seniors to a new telephone scam. The warning comes after reports of scammers telling victims that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires them to gather personal information for a national medical card. But such a card does not exist.“Unfortunately, these types of scams are widespread, particularly when we see changes in government that people are still trying to understand, such as the Affordable Care Act,” said Doak. “We can protect ourselves from crimes such as these by simply never giving out personal information over the phone. They called you, so you have no way to prove who they are.”This newest variation of a popular scheme asks the person who answers the phone to provide personal information in order to receive a national medical card under the ACA. Once the scammer has received the victim’s name, address, phone number and bank account information, they have all they need to open fraudulent credit cards, loans and more under the victim’s name.“Just hang up,” continued Doak. “Legitimate organizations and groups you do business with already have your information and therefore will never call you to ask for it.”The Federal Trade Commission is urging anyone who receives a phone call and suspects it to be a scam to report the incident. Reports can be received online at or by phone, toll-free, at 1-877-FTC-HELP.More information and other possible scams can be found at