BILL SAMPSON: Have you lost it?

I was sitting on my porch having my third cup of coffee and wondering, “Have I lost it?” Have you ever had those occasions when you wonder whether or not you have lost it?Are you wondering just what is lost? Well, let me give you an example. Some weeks ago I was in Oklahoma City and needed to drive south to Waurika. It was a Saturday and I needed to be in Waurika by 9 a.m. so I left the hotel where I was staying around 6 a.m. I would much rather arrive at my destination early rather than late so I left before I had any breakfast figuring I would grab a bite on the way.I do like to get up rather early so driving at 6 a.m. was no bother. I got to Duncan and thought it would be a good time to grab some breakfast. Now, when I am in a strange town I will look for an eatery where there seem to be lots of people. So, I started looking for a place that had several vehicles around it. After a few blocks, I spotted a place that looked promising because there were lots of trucks and a few cars around. I thought to myself, “This looks like a good place to eat.” Well, I pulled into the lot, looking for a place to park. I glanced at the building and didn’t see any lights on. Looking closer I discovered I had probably lost it. The lot I turned into with all of the trucks and cars? Well, it was a used car lot — NOT a café of any sort.Rather sheepishly I pulled out of the car lot and headed down the street to the nearest McDonalds for a sausage biscuit. I really lost it that morning. In fact, thinking about it, I seem to be having instances like that more often. My wife tells me if people learn about the phantom café episode they will think I am crazy. I simply told her I would merely be proving to my readers what they probably already know.Now I know that isn’t true, but it brings me back to my basic premise we all lose it from time to time. Frankly I think that is a healthy thing. Stepping off the curb, so to speak, helps keep us somewhere on the side of being sane. We all need a little bit of humble pie now and again. I suppose that losing it from time to time is a good thing after all.Just remember this, we all have times when we lose it but never think that this momentary journey into another land is a permanent condition. So, the next time you lose it keep in mind you are not alone in this temporary condition. ‘Till next time. Bill Sampson, a retired financial consultant, lives in the Cameron area. E-mail him at