Boxers sing for their supper

Dianna F. Dandridge-Rystrom
PDN Reporter

In the photo: Jacquie Gaither loves her boxers, Cayenne and Meika, and they sing for their supper as Gaither plays the harmonica beneath the shade of a a big pecan tree.PDN Photo by Dianna F. Dandridge-Rystrom

Boxers are known for being big and rambunctious and hard to handle, but for a Poteau transplant, Jacquie Gaither, her boxers, Cayenne and Meika, are more known for their love of music. As she sits beneath the shade of her giant pecan tree, playing the harmonica, her girls sit up straight and sing harmony to the notes she plays.
They will take a break, if duty calls and welcome any and all comers with glad tidings of wiggling rear-ends and loud barks, but they are all bark and love, they don't mean any harm.