Cameron baseball player enjoyed Puerto Rico experience last week

Last week, Cameron High School graduating senior baseball player Austin Standridge spent most of that time participating in the Coast to Coast Baseball Program in Puerto Rico. He said the trip was an unforgettable one.“I'm glad to be home, but let me tell you it's was an experience that I will never forget in my opinion,” Standridge said. “It wasn't long enough. It was very different, but awesome.”With the hopes of playing college baseball in the near future, Standridge believes participating in the Coast to Coast program will benefit him at the next level.“I believe that it will help me prepare for college a lot better,” he said. “We had to be on time for everything. It also showed how a lot of college practices go, and I love it because there was no walking around. It was all serious. You ran to your spot on the field, whether it was practice or a game.”One of the most surprising things to Standridge was how quickly all the players meshed together.“As soon as we all met, we all bonded like we went to school together,” said Standridge, whose team went 6-2 during the week. “It was as if we were all best friends since we were little. The coaches said that we are the best group that they have ever coached there.”By and large, Standridge was pleased with his performance on the diamond while in Puerto Rico.“I hit pretty decent," he said. "I hit probably one of my most impressive home runs there. I hit somewhere around .500, which was good because we faced some real good pitching. I also pitched pretty good, but I got one of the losses because of a few errors.”Needless to say, being in Puerto Rico was an eye-opening experience for the Cameron graduate.“That part of the world is very pretty, but you had to pay attention to where you are at all times,” Standridge said. “You don't want to end up in the wrong neighborhood.”Because Standridge participated in this event, he can participate in any Coast to Coast program or programs he wishes.“I'm very glad that I got to play,” he said. “After the last game, I was talking to the coaches, and they said that once you make it to Coast to Coast, you get to go to any of their camps and showcases. But like I said, it was most definitely the most fun baseball trip I've ever been on. My mom (Kim), my nanny Nay, my aunt Darla and my nanny's friend, Connie, had a blast, too.”