Can you give me a push?

A church deacon was sleeping comfortably during a very heavy rain storm when the door bell rang at 2 a.m. He staggered putting on his robe and slippers. Then, when he opened the front door, he encountered a very drunk man standing in the downpour. The drunkard asked him if he could give him a push. The deacon said no, then slammed the door in his face. He went back to bed and laid down. However, before his head hit the pillow, he felt bad about his actions and realized he must help the man by giving him a push. He jumped out of bed and put his clothes on as quickly as possible. He then rushed to the door in hope of finding the drunkard. He rushed to his car and was going to try and find him. As he was opening the door to the car, he heard him say again, give me a push. He turned around to find him sitting in his children's swing set.• • •I was worried all last week due in part to the torrential rains that Poteau received. I have seen Costner Stadium after heavy rains before, and the footing is more conducive to ice hockey than football. I am not saying the condition of the field was the main cause of Thursday night's loss to Tulsa Cascia Hall, but I can point to three plays where the Poteau Pirates slipped on the moist field and either allowed a Cascia Hall touchdown or the Pirates turned the ball over on downs because the Poteau receivers were wide open, but slipped on their cut.